respecting people and the environment



Paint waste and residues are declared sources of harmful emissions which put at risk the environmental sanitation of the premises where the piece is located and, therefore, the users’ health. This is made apparent by the unpleasant odours which often impede the use of the piece itself and require the aeration of the premises for several days.
To manufacture its products, Salandra uses coatings produced by ICA; these are water-based, with low environmental impact and have been labelled with the EU LIFE logo for the protection of consumers.
Moreover, thanks to the high resistance of the finishing, our products do not require any specific cleaning or maintenance.

The Eskimos have a great variety of words for ‘snow’. This is because snow is part of their everyday life and they get to know all its different nuances. Similarly, wood is for us a gateway to a world made of specific features and characteristics allowing us to identify the most suitable variant of the same material based on its intended use, the clients’ preferences, and production feasibility.